Channel 14 in WL-360F

nondito nondito
Thu Feb 12 21:25:08 PST 2004

'utils/hostap_diag -p wlan0' shows the following value
for PDR 0x0104 :

PDR 0x0104 len=2 Allowed Channel Set/Active Channel
   ff 1f

That means I only can use upto channel 13 for this
card without modified PDA. Is there any effective way
which will enable me to change this value to "ff 3f".

(If it's legal to do so - I will use 500 of these
cards in Japan, those were purchased from Taiwan)


>On Thu, Feb 12, 2004 at 09:46:47AM -0800, nondito

> This card supports channel 14. In card's
> it says - ("2.400 ~ 2.4835 GHz ( subject to local
> regulations)")

Please verify that the PDA has been configured to
include that channel
in the list of allowed channels. You can do this,
e.g., by running
'utils/hostap_diag -p wlan0' and looking for PDR
0x0104. This is a
little endian 16-bit value with one bit for each
channels. If all
channels from 1 to 14 are allowed, this should be ff

Jouni Malinen  

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