Question about MAC access in HostAP

GANNOUNE Lassaad Lassaad.Gannoune
Thu Feb 12 01:39:55 PST 2004

Dear folks,


I would like to know if it is possible to use HostAP in order to
implement a new MAC access protocol, such as, EDCF (for QoS). In more
detail, does HostAP code enable to add 4 access queues instead of one
and each queue having a different DIFS (or AIFS) ?

Is it possible to configure MAC parameters from HostAP code? if no, do
you know a firmware that enables to configure MAC parameters and
especially to handle multiple back-off algorithms each one associated
with a special access queue ? 


In addition, are you interested (or who is interested?) to implement
EDCF (or EDCA), as well as HCF protocol for quality of service in WLANs
(i.e., IEEE 802.11e WLANs)?  


Kind regards,


Lassaad Gannoune





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