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well, I tried quite a lot of operating modes, and I didn't notice any correlation
between them (every operating mode seems to be independent from other modes)

If my memory doesn't fool me, I was in Master mode (default when turning
hostap on) and then switched to Monitor mode.
Afterwards, I switched to Managed mode.

But I got the same problems in Monitor mode when going from Master to Managed
and then to Monitor.

Anyway, I run some tests more and I got this:

injecting packets WITHOUT hostapd mode  (=> prism2_param wlan0 hostapd 0)

master mode: no frames are sent
managed mode: frames are manipulated in a way I cannot understand (what
is sent is fare from what I wanted)
ad-hoc mode: 4 bytes are added at the head of the frmae (don't know where
they come from)
pseudo ad-hoc (prism2_param wlan0 pseudo-ibss 1) the same as ad-hoc mode

injecting packets WITH hostapd mode (=> prism2_param wlan0 hostapd 1) :

managed mode: works, but station is trackable
master mode: works, but station send beacons (at least 1 every 67 secs =>
prism2_param wlan0 beacon_int 65535)
ad-hoc mode, works, but bssid is set as the bssid of the cell
pseudo ad-hoc: works, bssid is set to zero (as in monitor mode)

Last thing that I probably forgot to mention: I always need another machine
to sniff packets, this machine runs libpcap 0.7.2 and ethereal 0.10. card
is another Prism2, f/w 1.3.6 running with hostap in monitor mode.

Thanks for help!

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>Hi Giorgio:

I am trying to replicate your error and had a couple of questions to ask

Before you put the sending-side card in monitor mode, what mode was the
card in? (ad-hoc or managed or master?) 

"2) I set the card in managed mode the
>, making it associate to an AP.
This works. Unfortunately, the forging station is not hidden at all and
easily thesis is on Intrusion Detection Systems so this
is an issue I have to be careful with"

After you put the card in manag
>d mode, do you put it in monitor mode?


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