OT: WPA drivers for Windows XP

M. Grabert xam
Sun Feb 8 03:57:21 PST 2004


I'm using various Prism-2.5 cards (Netgear MA311 PCI, DLink DWL-650 PCMCIA),
running on various architectures (Intel, Alpha, PA-RISC etc.).

So far the only the HostAP drivers are stable/usable for Prism cards on
all these platforms; the linux-wlan-ng or the kernel drivers are not
nearly as portable or stable IMHO. Well done!

Well, I wanted to 'upgrade' to WPA and soon found out that I have to have
the latest firmware, so I updated all my cards to 1.7.4 (no problems
whatsoever). Getting and installing HostAP doesn't seem to be much of
a problem, however finding WPA-supplements for Windows XP is.

As you (might) know you, for WPA to work on Windows XP you need

1. A network card with a suitable firmware (Prism2.5/3 with 1.7.4)
2. A network card driver compatible with Windows XP Wireless Zero configuration
3. A network card driver that also has the WPA supplement built-in

So far I have #1 and #2, but I'm missing #3.

After googling (and lycos'ing, etc.) the internet for 4 hours I just
found *only one* WPA driver for a Prism-2.5 (mini-)PCI card:

(http://support.fujitsupc.com/CS/Portal/support.do; choose
 "Notebook", "P-Series" and "P2120" in the search engine)

However I need a driver for a PCMCIA card, so this is useless for me.
Can anybody point me to Prism2.5/3 (PCMCIA) Windows XP drivers with WPA support?

Thanks alot in advance,

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