To crypt or not to crypt - evolution

oleg at oleg
Wed Feb 4 00:06:43 PST 2004

Hello hostap,

I build HostAP 0.2.0 - develpment version from cvs and have some
troubles again:

When linux booting kernel:
wifi0: hostap proc directory not created

and later when i try configure:

# hostap_crypt_conf -l wlan0
Default keys                                     
  algorithm: WEP                                 
  TX key idx: 1                                  
  key 1: 66 66 66 66 66 66                       
  key 2:                                         
  key 3:                                         
  key 4:                                         
Could not open directory '/proc/net/hostap/wlan0'
opendir: No such file or directory               
Press any key to continue...

Please help me with my troubles...

Best regards,
 oleg                          mailto:oleg at

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