Authomatic deauthentication 0.0.4 <-> 0.1.2

Peter De Cleyn peter.decleyn
Tue Feb 3 12:00:12 PST 2004


I've wrote some software that listens to the (re)authentication of mobile
stations to the AP. I noticed now that in 0.0.4 a station connecting to a
new AP, was automatically deauthenticated at its previous AP, while in
0.1.2 this deauthentication does not happen immediatelty. A station
returning to its previous AP will thus not trigger a IWEVREGISTERED. How
can I detect an association now using the 0.1.2 driver?

The station uses 0.1.2 as a driver and all station are equiped with
Linksys WPC11 cards, firmware 1.1.0/1.8.0.


/Peter De Cleyn\
University of Antwerp
Dep. Math. and Computer Science
PATS research group

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