Managed mode Layer 2 Bridging - Solution?

paravoid pvjunk
Thu Apr 29 07:04:05 PDT 2004

> These may be using WDS links in which case they require that the AP
> supports such a special mode.

No, I'm not talking about WDS. WDS has nothing to do with what I'm

> > As far as I can understand, those devices when participating on a bridge
> > working in managed mode, associate on the AP all the MACs coming from
> > other side of the bridge. So in the Associated stations in the AP menu
> > can see all the MACs of the ethernet devices behind the bridge.
> Hmm.. Have you verified that this is the case? This is indeed one way of
> doing the bridging, if the wireless client is able to handle multiple
> MAC addresses at the same time. Would you be able to capture frames
> (including IEEE 802.11 headers) of this kind of operation when the
> client is bridging packets for at least two other devices?

I haven't really captured the frames and analyzed them, but I can clearly
see in the AP's menu the associated MAC addresses, and that includes the PCs
behind the bridge. It's like running "iwspy" on your HostAP (master) when
you have a client using that special type of bridging.

> > Is this possible by writing code on the driver side or this feature
> > additional code on the firmware? If it is, are there any plans
> > this?
> WDS link version is already implemented (see wds_type=2). Associating
> multiple MAC addresses is not supported and it would require changes to
> the firmware (and maybe even to hardware, depending on the internal
> design of the chip).

That's a shame :(
I thought you could send and read raw 802.11 frames (and you were
implementing the AP/master mode using that and not tertiary firmware).
Obviously I'm wrong somewhere...

Thanks anyway

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