Just dreaming: different WEP keys per client

Kwabbernoot kwabbernoot
Wed Apr 28 20:44:20 PDT 2004

>What kind of clients do you use? Why would WPA-PSK be any more complex
>than IEEE 802.1X with dynamic WEP keys ro whatever proprietary WEP key
>handshake you would use here? Setting up WPA-PSK in the client only
>requires one to configure the passphrase for the SSID, i.e., it is about
>as complex as setting up static WEP keys..
Is it in his case for the use at a public cafe possible to have people 
use the connection without encryption so they can reach the login 
webpage and after login they get the passphase to use the connection 
with encryption? I tried this with Windows XP and 802.1X but I didn't 
succeed because Windows worked only with encrypted broadcast and unicast 
frames and that would not allow anyone to reach the login page withou 
knowing the broadcast-key.


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