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Sat Apr 24 08:45:57 PDT 2004

Tnx Denis,

ok, I'll try better now

client's                                                    gateway
mode:managed                    wlan0                  mode:managed <-------( AP<------                 ^   eth0       |                 |              |
      ...                   |              |
                            |              |
       +-{ shaper, }<-+
                                dns, ...

so, client has gateway, and PC (shaper, dns, proxy) has gateway
connection between eth0 of AP and Shaper is ONE UTP cable through switch

                 | -[switch]-

BENEFIT of this:
- our AP is holding main-link and user's access
- one AP less (from antenna to nic, utp cable...)

SECURITY problem:
- user can access to main-link-gateway
- link and users are using same SSID

I'm working on that right now, but need some help in theory... 
... practical news about this in next 48h, ...

thanks to everyone,
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