wireless subnet

Computer Abet & Trade office
Sat Apr 24 03:44:59 PDT 2004

Hi Mustafa, you didn't understood this

how can I use my hostAP for client and gateway link, and WIRELESS client's
192.168.2.x not to have access to WIRELESS 192.168.1.x network,

I try to use 1 AP widht two subnets (192.168.1.x and 192.168.2.x) to be AP
for clients and link to gateway,
gateway is client to but on diferent subnet, soo my wlan0 HAS two IP
and only problem is how to make it simple (bridge) and secure in way -->
client's have no access to 192.168.1.x subnet

> I don't know how to provide access control using hostap, but in order to
> drop wireless 2.x clients from wlan0 going to 1.x eth0 (on your figure,
> from top left towards bottom right), try :
> (not tested)
> iptables -m physdev -A INPUT --physdev-in wlan0 -s
> --physdev-out eth0 -d -j DROP

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