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Fri Apr 23 07:42:04 PDT 2004

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Hi at all, first time, but I'm on mailing list for the past 6 months... and I didn't find my problem...
how can I use my AP for client and gateway link, and client's from 192.168.2.x not to have access to 192.168.1.x network

client's                                                                                                    gateway
192.168.2.x <------------------------------------------>  HostAP    <------------------------------------->
                             wireless                           wireless
                                                     bridge with two IP
                                                in bridge are wlan0 and eth0 
                                                            |UTP cable
                                                  |                  |
                                         one pc, as proxy, firewall, shaper, dns !!!!

basicly, we cut expenses for second antenna, and second AP
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