Just dreaming: different WEP keys per client

Konstantin Klubnichkin kostik
Thu Apr 22 23:42:51 PDT 2004

Hello people!

I was dreaming last evening about per client WEP encryption.
As far as I understand (please correct me) there are 2 ways to
encrypt/decrypt data - in firmware and in hostapd.

In case we use second way it's may be interesting to implement such

I thought about it in a scope of public WiFi cafe. When client gets
(buys) account information (login/password) and wants to encrypt
his/her traffic we also give him WEP key. The problem is - once you
know WEP key of one client - you know WEP key for whole network.
It's allmost impossible to force client to use WPA-PSK because of
complexity of the process. Moreover once "bad guy" gets passphrase he
can decrypt all WiFi traffic in our network.

Any ideas?

Best regards,
 Konstantin                          mailto:kostik at beenet.ru

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