placement of 3 cards on a PC box

Christopher Dobbs crdobbs
Thu Apr 22 12:00:32 PDT 2004

Having done this before, If you use external antani and locate the 
antani about 3ft from eachother, it works most of the time.

My config was:
3 x 100mW PCMCIA PRISM2.5 Cards (on Channels 1,4,10 each at 2mbit)
HostAP v0.0.1
Costom AP Server Program

Contact me off list for more information.

Christopher Dobbs
Eracew Computer Services

Brad Langhorst wrote:

>On Tue, 2004-04-20 at 10:59, Mustafa C. Kuscu wrote:
>>Dear all,
>>      I would like to have 3 802.11b cards on my hostap box. I don't
>>   know about the interference issues with the 802.11b PCMCIA cards
>>   with internal antennae, especially if the cards are placed very
>>   close to each other. For instance, consider the figure below where
>>   an empty slot separates each neighbor. Would the interference be
>>   so bad, because of the small separation between the cards (and their
>>   orientations with respect to each other), even if the cards operate on
>>   channels 1,6,11? What other physical configurations do you recommend?
>i think you should use 3 external antennae for such a setup 
>(or at least 2...) but have never tried it.
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