[PATCH] Setting quality in scan results

Pavel Roskin proski
Thu Apr 22 00:12:35 PDT 2004

On Thu, 22 Apr 2004, Matt Brown wrote:

> > The problem is, the requirement to return quality data for the scan
> > results is not just a bug in iwlist.  It's a limitation of the wireless
> > extensions API.  Not using iwlist won't fix the API problem.  The
> > application will need to know what each driver means when it returns the
> > scan data.
> OK. Thanks for taking the time to explain this to me, I'm only just
> beginning to fully understand the intricacies of how the wireless
> extensions work. I will concede to your experience and knowledge :)
> Is there are wireless extensions list where a discussion such as this
> would be better suited? From the wireless extensions page I see no
> mention of such a place.

There is no such thing.  I suggested creating such list recently, but the
idea didn't get enough support to materialize.  For now, please write
directly to Jean.

Pavel Roskin

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