hostap and sleeping mode.

Andrea G. Forte andreaf
Wed Apr 21 16:50:15 PDT 2004

Hi all,

ok here are some new issues about hostap and sleeping mode.
Now hostap works when resuming from sleeping also in host_roaming 2.
I have two different problems with hostap 0.0.4 and 0.1.3. With the first,
everytime I resume from sleeping, the hostap driver does not get unloaded
and with the "lsmod" command the hostap_cs module appears to be used
3,4,5,6, etc times (once for each time that the laptop went to sleep).
With hostap 0.1.3 the same thing happens, but this time the number is
negative -2, -3, -4, etc.
You guys have any clue why this would happen??? How do I fix it? Sounds
like it could be a cardmgr issue.
The second question I have is about hostap 0.0.4. In the file hostap.c
there are two pointers: dev->stop and dev->open. Who uses these two
pointers? Where are they called? I need to know this because in order to
make hostap resume from sleeping, I had to comment out the dev->stop
pointer assignment. (The card would close right after the sleeping event
was captured so that nothing else would work for resuming).
I suspect the two pointers are used by the card manager, but I could not
find where.

Thank you everyone,

On Tue, 20 Apr 2004, Pavel Roskin wrote:

> Hi, Andrea!
> Fixing you topposting:
> > > On Sat, Apr 17, 2004 at 05:17:53PM -0400, Andrea G. Forte wrote:
> > >
> > > > I am having a new problem. When I use host_roaming 2 and the laptop goes
> > > > to sleep, hostap does not work anymore once it resumes from sleeping. I
> > > > have to restart the card manager or reboot. I have noticed this with the
> > > > old 0.0.4 version as well as with the new 0.1.3.
> > > > When host_roaming 0 is enabled, everything works fine.
> On Mon, 19 Apr 2004, Andrea G. Forte wrote:
> > Please let me know if there is any way I can help...I really need to fix
> > this bug since I am testing hostap on a handheld (the handheld goes only
> > to sleep does not turn off). Please let me know if you guys already have
> > some clues about it I can start from.
> You can try reset instead of cardmgr restart.  Quoting from README:
> iwpriv wlan0 reset <val>
>         0: perform soft reset of the card
>         1: perform COR sreset (almost hardreset ;-)
>         2: perform port reset (disable and enable port 0)
> 1 is the hardest, 2 is the softest, 0 is intermediate.  Find the softest
> reset that works for you and put it to the script you run after wake-up.
> --
> Regards,
> Pavel Roskin

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