Authentication problem with XP

Michael michael_duesseldorf
Wed Apr 21 13:53:10 PDT 2004

Hi list,

I've seen a few similar exchanges on the list before, but none seemed to
answer my problem.  I've been puzzling over this for a bit now.  

Using hostap 0.1.2 and two WinXP boxes (one Pro, one Home), I have a problem
with the XP Home box (but not with the XP Pro which seems to work fine) that
it doesn't seem to authenticate with the Hostap AP at all - usually there
isn't even a trace of it in the log files.  Only when I ask XP Home to look
for networks, then select the appropriate network, enter the WEP key,
encryption 'shared', disable 802.1x authentication, then go through the same
process again a second time, but this time select "the key is provided to me
automatically" do I get a connection.

I hope I am not overlooking something stupid - I am not sure what data to
include to allow you to provide suggestions - let me know what you need and
I'll post it.

Any thoughts most appreciated,


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