SW TICK stuck error, multicast

Jim Kaba jkaba
Tue Apr 20 16:40:07 PDT 2004

  Are there any known problems with multicast and hostap?
I'm running some custom software on an iPAQ ( linux 2.4.19 kernel with
patches) and hostap v0.1.3 with ZCOMAX Airrunner CF cards.

When I run my software, which receives on multiple multicast groups, I
sometimes/often get a "SW TICK stuck" error from the hostap driver.  The
system is generally hung from that point on, though occasionally I've seen
it come back to life eventually (only to get the SW TICK stuck error

I believe I see a correlation between the number of mcast groups I use and
the likelihood of getting the SW TICK stuck error.  With 4 or 5 groups I
get it right away all of the time.  With 3 groups I seem to get it as
often, though maybe not as quickly.  With 2 groups it will eventually
happen, and I've never seen it happen with only one group.

PS CF card firmware is PRI: 1.0.7 and STA: 1.3.6  Upgrading the firmware is
one of the things on my list to try...


James T. Kaba                   
Sarnoff Corporation   There are 10 kinds of people in the world:
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