WPA supplicant on Prism54

Fruhwirth Clemens clemens-dated-1082885921.3af1
Thu Apr 15 02:38:40 PDT 2004


This might be a little bit offtopic, however I hope to catch some wpa
supplicant developers:

wpa_supplicant has apparently some support for the prism54.org driver for
Prism GT based cards. The prism54 driver merged in 2.6.5 btw. seems to have
support for wpa too. But by reading the source of both projects I appears to
me that neither of them nor in conjunction it's possible to run a
Prism54-based AP which provides WPA to it's clients. Is this conclusion
correct? Has wpa_supplicant been every successfully tested with the prism54
driver and if so in which config, meaning running as AP or just client?

I'd really appreciate to know if I'm totally wasting my time with trying to
setup something which isn't there.

Best regards, Clemens
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