wds in hostap

sankpal_manisha sankpal_manisha
Mon Apr 19 02:51:52 PDT 2004

Hello All,

can anyone plz give me the explanation on following scenario?

               WDS link
cli1<------>AP1-----------AP2 <------>cli2
             AP3 <----->cl3

Here client1 wants to talk with client2.
Is AP1 will transmit packets to  AP3 also?If yes,is there any way to avoid it? Has anyone tested such a scenario? 

and suppose AP3 and AP2 also has a WDS link then what are the packets that are going to be exchanged?
In the hostap driver the following is mentioned: 

there is currently no way of associating TX packets to correct wds device
 *   when TX Exc/OK event occurs, so all tx_packets and some
 *   tx_errors/tx_dropped are added to the main netdevice; using sw_support
 *   field in txdesc might be used to fix this 

from this site

i come to know that the sw_support field is used for the FID. so how one can use this field for wds?

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