HostAP crashes

Pavel Roskin proski
Sat Apr 17 12:06:39 PDT 2004

On Sat, 17 Apr 2004 mike-hostap at wrote:

> 	I'm wondering why there's been no response or discussion of the
> crashing problem in hostap I documented. Did I miss something?

You missed versions of HostAP and the kernel and the error messages
indicating the problem (perhaps from the kernel log).  Information about
the cards, especially the firmware version, could be useful too.  The
tcpdump log you mentioned wasn't attached.  If it's too large, post the
excerpts from it you think are important.

Nobody cares what happens for you at 6am.  But if you post error messages
and version numbers, maybe somebody will have an idea what is going on.

Sorry that nobody answered you, but it gets very boring to remind
everybody to post technical information rather than their interpretation.
This document can be useful for you:

Pavel Roskin

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