wpa-psk combined with non-encrypted connections?

Sergio M. Ammirata ammirata
Sat Apr 17 03:30:47 PDT 2004

I am using hostap (no d) to configure a wds link with wpa encryption
(aes-ccmp). When I do this I can no longer get any client to connect to the
Access Points because the only way to get the wpa-psk to work between the
two boxes is to set up a default key.

Windows XP is supposed to support AES-CCMP if you have the latest service
pack installed. However, I could not get it to authenticate against a hostap
box configured with wpa-psk. Has anyone being successful with a setup like
this one?

Are there any plans to support simultaneous unencrypted and aes-ccmp
encrypted connections?

I could not get aes-ccmp key per mac working either. Has anyone being
successful with this?

Thanks in advanced,


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