Disconnecting clients

Ondrej Zima amiandrew
Fri Apr 16 09:19:44 PDT 2004

Hi all HostAPers, I have these some problems using latest hostap.
I play with latest sources of hostap from cvs and add some debug information in hostap_ap.c in ap_handle_timer(). It is coz I have problems of these...
First of my configuration:
ASUS CUV4X-D (dual Coppermine processor board but only one PIII at 700MHz) - chipset VIA Apollo
2x PCI ethernet cards (RTL8139 + RTL8092)
3x PCI ZCom XI-626 WiFi cards - 2x Master mode, 1x Managed mode, all have fw PRI:1.1.1, STA:1.8.0
driving at Linux Debian unstable (wireless-tools v26+27pre20-1)
kernel 2.6.5

DLink DWL-900AP+ with firmware 2.61

The situation is, the client associate with full speed (11Mb) and operates for some time great. But after some time the client is disasociated and cannot associate back.
I try to peek to ap_handle_timer() and discover the normal behaviour or idle timing of connected clients
- the client is associated and the timer is set to AP_MAX_INACTIVITY_SEC
- ofter this timeout, the hostap check if sta->last_rx expire
- if yes, there is method to check the inactivity - prism2_send_mgmt(local->dev, WLAN_FC_TYPE_DATA, WLAN_FC_STYPE_DATA, NULL, 0, sta->addr, ap->tx_callback_poll);
- and after this, if client do not answer (ACK the polled packet) the hostap disasociate the STA by sending WLAN_REASON_DISASSOC_DUE_TO_INACTIVITY.

I hope I describe the process right.
And now, it seems the DLink didn't answer the polled frame or the the client acknowledge prism2_send_mgmt(NULL) too late after expiring the STA_DEAUTH timer.
Please, tell me, if something is wrong.

Ondrej Zima <amiandrew at volny.cz>
Member of Czech ATO - Amiga Translators Organization

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