ip adress?

zied.majed zied.majed
Thu Apr 15 07:05:41 PDT 2004

i 'm trying to manage a wilan via snmp and i have some
difficulties to recover data from my access point cisco ( i
wrote to them but they didn't response me yet): hen my laptop
is connected to the access point, i can't find its ip adress
or mac ( the AP take me the ip adress of wired device, but
those connected via radioa interface i did'nt found where i
have to look) , the mib gives me the mac adress of the ap
which is connected to the laptop and i want the opposite (the
ip adress or mac of the laptop).
Can you help me because it s very important for me and i have
resolve this problem because i haven't enough time
thank you in advance for your help
The data that i am looking for exists when i use the browser
of the AP (web interface)

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