problem with D-Link DWL-900

Vaclav Dvorak vdvo
Wed Apr 14 08:43:15 PDT 2004


I have a problem with a friend who is unable to connect to my HostAP 
access point with his D-Link DWL-900 revision C in client mode. He has 
already tried replacing the unit with the retailer (the new one behaves 
identically), he can successfully connect to a different access point, 
and he has also tried upgrading the unit's firmware (no apparent 
change), so the problem seems to be with the HostAP master.

I can ping the DWL from the hostap machine, and he can ping the DWL from 
his wired machine. But when I try pinging his wired machine from the 
hostap router, he can see with Ethereal that an ARP request comes in, 
the machine responds with an ARP reply, but that reply apparently never 
arrives back on the hostap router.

Other people, mostly using Z-COM XI-626 cards with either hostap in 
managed mode or windows drivers, communicate without problems.

HostAP is in master mode, uses WEP without hostapd, and has closed MAC 
policy. The DWL has two MAC addresses (wireless and wired) - both are 
added to the access list, although I suppose only one of them is required.

The following messages occur in syslog on the hostap router:
wlan2: 00:50:fc:03:62:84 auth_cb - STA not found
wlan2: 00:50:fc:03:62:84 auth_cb - frame was not ACKed
wlan2: Could not find STA 00:50:fc:03:62:84 for this TX error (@162277689)

The MAC address belongs to the Ethernet NIC of the problematic client 
behind the DWL.

Any advice? Thanks!

Vaclav Dvorak  <vdvo at>

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