please helpme!!+dwl-520

Konstantin Klubnichkin kostik
Fri Apr 9 00:47:27 PDT 2004

Hello Erik,

Friday, April 2, 2004, 7:16:10 PM, you wrote:

EP> Konstantin Klubnichkin <kostik at> wrote:Thank you Konstantin.

KK>>All you need is (no, not love :)) compile prism2_pci.o KK>module and modprobe it.
KK>>You don't need to make any changes in hostap-cs.conf, at
KK>>KK>least my Prism2.5 card (LG LP2100P) works without it and
KK>>KK>even without PCMCIA-cs package.

KK>>Please write down what you did and what you have now.

EP> I must re-compile the kernel without pcmcia package?
You you don't use PCMCIA you _may_ remove pcmcia package.
But not necessary.

EP> and run "make pci", "make install_pci"?
If you find any problems just mail me.
And sorry for late reply.

EP> ?Atte?????? Erik Pozo

Best regards,
 Konstantin                            mailto:kostik at

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