PS mode STA trigger driver bug

Joe Parks jphstap
Thu Apr 8 12:01:15 PDT 2004

When a STA with Power Saving mode enabled connects to one of my hostap boxes (firmware revisions 1.3.6 through 1.7.4 tested with driver revisions 0.1.1 through current CVS) it will *eventually* trigger the following:

wlan1: driver bug - prism2_transmit() called when previous TX was pending
wlan1: prism2_tx - to BAP0 failed
wlan1: scheduled card reset
hostap_cs: wlan1: resetting card

Hours can pass with no problems, but this problem will eventually happen and seems far more likely when multiple PS STAs are communicating with one another.

If no STAs are using PS the bug never happens.

This is particularly bad in my case since the card "isn't quite the same" after the reset and I'm forced to reboot the device to get it working correctly again.

The device is ARM based, in case that helps.

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