HOSTAP Installation Step-Problem?

Yong Chu Eu ceyong
Thu Apr 8 01:53:28 PDT 2004

Pls verify whether my step is right or not:

I am using 3COm Wireless card 3CRWE777A-E1 for Linux 9.0 with Kernel

First i install Redhat 9.0 then i plug my 3com card into PC

Then i copy kernel-2.4.20-13.9.HOSTAP.i686.rpm into /usr/src

then i type rpm -Uvh kernel-2.4.20-13.9.HOSTAP.i686.rpm to install it

after that i add hostap_cs.conf file into /etc/pcmcia 

later, i reboot

Did i lost any important step? pls advice 

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