Multiple PCI HostAP Cards

Pavel Roskin proski
Mon Apr 5 17:53:20 PDT 2004

On Mon, 5 Apr 2004, Christopher Dobbs wrote:

> I am trying to get multiple hostAP mode cards to work in a computer at
> the same time. I need this to setup a wireless repeater for a community
> network.
> I am using 100mW Teletronics PCI Prisim2.5 cards.
> The driver sits there like it is trying to iinitalize all of the cards,
> but only the last one remains claimed by hostap. The other cards (I have
> tried up to 3 cards) get claimed by the orinoco driver.

Then don't load the orinoco driver!  If hotplug or some other tool loads
it, fix it not to load orinoco_pci or simply remove the module.

If the hostap driver doesn't want to use the cards, check kernel log by
running dmesg for possible error messages.  Also run "lspci -v" and see if
the IDs of the cards are present in hostap_pci.

More information about the versions of the kernel and the hostap driver
could be useful.  Also, you posted your interpretation but not the raw
output of the commands that made you think what cards are used by which
drivers.  Since you are asking for help, your interpretation may be wrong.
Please let others check your assumptions by posting the command output as

Pavel Roskin

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