Multiple PCI HostAP Cards

Christopher Dobbs crdobbs
Mon Apr 5 15:55:20 PDT 2004

I am trying to get multiple hostAP mode cards to work in a computer at 
the same time.
I need this to setup a wireless repeater for a community network.

I am using 100mW Teletronics PCI Prisim2.5 cards.

The driver sits there like it is trying to iinitalize all of the cards, 
but only the last one remains claimed by hostap.
The other cards (I have tried up to 3 cards) get claimed by the orinoco 

Any help on this matter would be apriceated.

(If this can be done with differand cards, let me know.  They need to be 
100 or 200 mW)

Christopher Dobbs

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