sankpal_manisha sankpal_manisha
Sun Apr 4 23:34:14 PDT 2004

hi all,

I am trying to figure out how the hostapd work. Untill now I know that the driver passes all the packets to the userspace (i.e hostapd) using PF_PACKET socket. The netif_rx function called in prism2_rx_80211(defined in hostap_80211_rx.c)may relay the packet to user space daemon. Is it right?

Then hostapd deals with IEEE 802.11 management and data frames.It also takes care of the IEEE 802.1x authentication. 

But I m not clear where the virtual ports are assigned to each station. Is there any number assigned to port for a station?

Who decides in which state the port is(in authorized or unauthorized state). What actions are taken by the driver when the 802.1x authentication is successful?

Please focus a light on this issue.......

Thanks in advance

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