Help: smc2532-wb suse 9

Gargi D gargid
Thu Apr 1 23:42:26 PST 2004

Check the support for PCMCIA support in Linux kernel's .config file.
This can be found in the directory where Linux source code exists.

If the support is not present then you can recompile the kernel enabling
this support.
This can be done by 'make menuconfig' or 'make xconfig'.

After changing this you need to recompile the kernel.
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On Friday 02 April 2004 03:31, x86processor wrote:
> Hi!
> I really, really need some help and I am new to
> wireless and kernel stuff.
> I bought a SMC 2532-W-B wireless card to use with my
> laptop. Yes, its a prism2 chipset. I am running SuSE 9 
> 2.4.21-99-default kernel. I would like to install the hostap drivers 
> and i can't understand head or tail of the installation in the readme.

> I only want to

Which part you don't understand? Let us improve it
by letting us know.

> install, load the driver and use it in monitor mode.
> I am not sure if i have pcmcia support in kernel or if
> i have to install external pcmcia-cs package (or how
> to install it too).
> If someone can give me detailed step-by-step
> instructions, it will be really helpful,
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