transmission power issue

sankpal_manisha sankpal_manisha
Thu Apr 1 20:56:58 PST 2004

Hello All,

hostap driver version 0.0.4 and 0.1.3 do't seem to provide the txpower info using iwconfig wlan0 txpower?

so i tried iwpriv. But i m get confused by seeing the output? It will be greatful if someone provide more insight on the following command 

iwpriv wlan0 getxpower
<mapping sub-ioctl getxpower to cmd 0x8BE1-6>
wlan0     getxpower:186

i also tried with the following command 
iwpriv wlan0 readmif 62
wlan0     readmif:186

186 means how many dBm (or watt)? what is the formula to convert the value?

is there any way to check and change the transmission power in driver version 0.0.4 and 0.1.3?

Thanks in advance
Manisha Sankpal
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