Controlling the scanning process

Vijay Raghunathan vijay
Sat Sep 27 21:03:24 PDT 2003


I have a couple of questions regarding the implementation of the scanning
process in an 802.11 card using the HostAP drivers.

Specifically, I'd like to measure the latency of the network discovery and
connection procedure. So, I'd like to know how I can explicitly 
trigger/enable an active/passive scan on a particular channel.

For example, to form an IBSS network between nodes A and B, I want to set
node B to passive scan on only one fixed channel. I then want to turn on
node A with scanning completely disabled, and then explicitly trigger a
beacon transmission on that particular channel. Node B when it receives 
this beacon, sets its ESSID, etc. and pings node A. I want to measure the
latency of this process from the beginning of beacon transmission to the
end of the ping.

If anyone could provide me any feedback/tips on achieving this, I'd
greatly appreciate it.


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