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Brock Eastman brock
Sat Sep 20 13:23:50 PDT 2003


I was curious if it is possible to make hostap master mode only accept clients who are in client mode.  I am assuming this
would be a management frame workaround to accomplish this.

I currently have a problem w/ overlap because we only have a few channels in 2.4; we have repeaters associating with each other
as they are on autom_ap_wds 1 ( same essid ); we are in a situation where we need auto detect but need someway to identify those in ap-client mode
( wds_type 2 ) from wds_type 4 so type 4 does not associate.  We get nasty bridge loops that kill the network.  We use directional antennas between
the repeaters that lock onto a mac address for a wds link so the network is not a mesh where all of them are on one channel.

Our current method was to simply keep a mac list on a server that the machines can connect to and wrote a program to block the mac once
it was added as a wds device if it recieved a response back.  This auth hack is a big kludge and is not scalable nor reliable.

I was hoping Jouni or anyone else could offer some advice as to what part of the code we should look at modifying; or whether we could use hostapd
for this type of programming.

I don't want to keep track of mac addresses for this problem; just have the repeaters that see each other in the same mode not talk to each other.  

Any response would be appreciated.

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