key problem

Jeff Meden blade
Fri Sep 19 11:05:00 PDT 2003

The biggest problem is the hex/ascii conversion.  Windows attempts to 
figure this automatically, based on the size of the key you give it.  
Iwconfig, by default, will accept a hex key and will set the encryption 
type to whatever fits, padding it with zeroes until it fills the key 
appropriately.  You can use the s:[ascii] option to set a ascii key, 
which is sized and padded similarly You can also set or check it using 
the hostap tool hostap_crypt_conf, if your drivers are so configured.  
This tool lets you view and set individual station keys as well, and is 
a bit more descriptive than iwconfig.  Hope this helps!


Michael Lodman wrote:

> Is there a key problem with the hostap driver and iwconfig? I can set 
> the key using iwconfig wlan0 key XXXXXXXXXX but none of my wireless 
> cards will work using that same key.
> Help!
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