Multiple SSID

Jeff Meden jmeden
Thu Sep 11 11:38:35 PDT 2003

This is a issue that can be worked around...  Since users will not 
de-associate when the SSID is changed, it is possible to 'rotate' 
through two or more and pick up users as you go through, to allow users 
to see multiple SSIDs.  With creative timing, this method lets you 
migrate from one name to another, without having to reconfigure all 
clients at once.  Realistically, to have one AP with multiple IDs goes 
against the idea of the SSID/ESSID as intended in 802.11b, you usually 
dont even want several APs to have more than one, since its a 'service 
set ID' and you cant have more than one actual 'service set' on one 
channel at one time no matter how hard you try. 


CASASSOVICI Alexander wrote:

>I'm looking for information about HostAP performances.
>It looks great... one important question remains unsolved, though:
>Can HostAP manage multiple SSID on the same Wireless Network (just as
>Cisco is doing in their aironet cards) and hw is it done, (do u get 2
>Thanx  for your help
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