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Hello all,
	From a _legal_ standpoint, here in the US you are _not_ allowed to modify the Firmware without getting a new FCC certification.  That is why many of the software-radio Wireless cards do not allow you to replace their firmware with your own.

Thomas Cameron
CEI Systems

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The firmware is given by intersil and can't be changed. The driver talks with the firmware in a command way. The firmware is in some way waiting for orders from the driver. Then for the information movement it uses a virtual memory access called "bap". When the the firmware wants to tell something to the driver it interrupts the host (the driver) and the host reads the kind of interrupt (Information, RX, ...) This is moreless how it works. Anyway thats how the linux-wlan (what i have been analising)work but in hostap i think moreless is the same. Maybe the commands change and it has to load a tertiary firmware.

I've been looking through souces and i think the file is /hostap-0.0.4/driver/modules/hostap_hw.c

That is in someway like the hfa384x.c file in the linux-wlan driver. In this file the driver access to the firmware are in 2-3 levels, from "high" level to direct access.

I haven't found anything document around there, i've just been trying to go through the driver and understand it. 

Good Luck

Gorka Epelde

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Hi again,
I would like also to know if any of you guys has any documentation regarding the 
firmware of the Prism3 cards so that I can try to modify some parts of the 
hostAP driver. I need to find out how the driver communicates with the firmware. Thanks a lot everyone, Andrea

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