smc2532w-b hostap linux [revised a little]

Chris Evans cwevans
Thu Sep 11 11:28:13 PDT 2003

I'll admit I have not been able to test my hostap set-up, but I've been 
able to get rid of the unresolved symbols by recompiling my kernel, and 
Removing the option for specifying the kernel version.


unless told otherwise by people on this list that actually have working 

On Thursday, September 11, 2003, at 10:03  AM, donnie at 

> I just purchased an SMC2532W-B wireless PC Card, and I am having some
> issues getting it configured in linux.  I would like to use it as an
> access point, but I can't seem to get the hostap pccard module to 
> work...
> "unresolved symbols" each time I try to compile it with my kernel.  I 
> have
> PCMCIA support built into my kernel.

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