PLEASE: can somebody help me??

Madhusudan Singh chhabra
Thu Sep 11 05:45:23 PDT 2003

    Forget about mailing lists as rpms are mainstream, unlike hostap, 
which few people use. Try the following newsgroup :

    You are likely to get quite a few good responses.

    Btw, why do you need ? If you are looking for 
documentation, it is right there on your own machine - use man rpm or 
info rpm.

    If you need a FAQ or a worked example, use google.



Veronica Lane wrote:

>hi guys, thanks for your help, i tried to open the
> for some help but it seems that the site
>has some problem.
>is there someday who can suggest for a mailing list
>for this rpm things??
>  --- Madhusudan Singh <chhabra at> wrote:
>>    You will have to create a .spec file (pick up
>>any src rpm on the web 
>>and look at the .spec file for an idea of the
>>format). Then you might 
>>have to do something like rpm -bt hostap.spec (check
>>man rpm). This will 
>>create the rpm you are looking for.

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