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	Your first issue is going to be the fact that your device is not
based on the "Prism" chipset.  There _are_ drivers out there for the
Atmel chips, but they are not here.
	Additionally, from what I have gathered, HostAP is rather
"Prism" centric.  For instance, if you look at the "madwifi" project,
there is no need for HostAP in the first place, as the driver natively
supports the AP functions.  If the Atmel chips support these functions,
your best bet would be to ask around the developer lists for them.

Good luck,
Thomas Cameron
CEI Systems

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Hi guys,

I've read that HostAP does not support USB.

I was hoping to hear if this is in the works though, as I have a
Mini-ITX server, with only 1 pci-slot (which is ofcourse in use), so I
have no choice than to use an USB wlan card.

My USB wlan card is an TopCom Skyr at cer 3511, which is an atmel chip -

I have no problem with cvs sources or anything (I'm running 2.6 anyways
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