dwl 520 & AP900+

Sitsofe Wheeler sits
Tue Sep 9 09:09:14 PDT 2003

On Fri, 2003-09-05 at 10:28, Road wrote:
>   box ---- eth0 ------- dwl520  ---- wifi link--- ap900+ ------ box
> (slack) (  (mode ap)                               (win)
>                      (                      (
> and i can`t ping server at windows...i change ip and gw any time and any 
> possible but i can`t ping this computers....i can ping ap900+ 
> how make this connection at dwl520 and ap900+

Just for the record, this doesn't sound like a problem with hostap (so
you may have better luck on another mailing list). I'm guessing the
problem lies with the ap900+. Since you can ping that it would appear
that it is failing to forward packets on to the windows box as needed.
You don't say what ip address the ap900+ was given or whether the win
box can see the ap900+ so it's to be clearer than that.

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