How many clients?

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Fri Sep 5 13:01:40 PDT 2003

Hello again,

	So, HostAP seems to be limited to somewhere around 15 STAs
(client devices).  This makes me think of a question.  Why can an
Orinoco (Proxim) 2500 AP handle hundreds of users, and HostAP can only
handle 15?  Again, I understand that 11Mbit/sec divided by 100 users is
only 112.64Kbps, but you will never see 100 _simultaneously_ active

	Another thing I was looking at was the code for the HostAPd
system.  Would it not be faster, and more efficient to define a
large(ish) buffer for functions like `handle_read()` to drop data into
instead of defining variables every time those functions are called?
Then, you would only have to pass the address in the buffer between
functinons.  Anyway, just a thought.

Thanks all!
Thomas Cameron

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For more users, I'd wager, than a nominal 11Mbits/sec link could happily

support. :-)


tom at wrote:

>One more question, now.  Is the ability of HostAP to serve client 
>devices (STAs) a function of the system's speed, or is it just 
>dependant solely on interference and contention?  The help has been 
>very useful so far!  Thank you all so much!
>Thanks all,
>Thomas Cameron
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>>Hello all,
>>	This is my first post to this list, so I hope it isn't a topic
>>has been covered to death.  I am wondering what the maximum number of
>>clients a HostAP access point can handle would be.  In other words, 
>>how many WiFi clients can connect to my system?  Doesn anybody have 
>>any specific experience with high numbers?  I'm thinking of the 
>>50-100+ range.
>In a busy wireless environment (too many competitive WISPS) hostap tops

>at about 15 STAs or 2Mbps or 200pps. After exceeding any of these 
>parameters we began to see increasing packet loss.
>I believe it's mainly the problem with the hidden nodes combined with 
>busy neigboring channels (signal at low level but enough to compromise 
>If only 802.11b was not CSMA/CA... or we have working PCF...

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