How many clients?

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	Anybody else seen anything like this?  What about using
costomized kernels?  For instance, I've got a patchset I made that
implements lock breaking, preemptiveity for the kernel, IRQ tuning, etc.
Think that would help at all?

Thanks for the help!
Thomas Cameron

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Good luck.  If you start pushing 10 or 20 you are asking for trouble.
I've stress tested the prism 2.5 cards on bsd and linux and they both
choke badly with 64 test clients doing about 4K each which is only about
2Mbs combined. The card breaks down, stops responding, and ultimately
dies.  Either it takes the entire OS down along with it or it stops
allowing clients to associate.  Either way it doesn't work.  The cards
also generate far too many interrupts to be useful for many clients.
Multiple cards in the same system make it slightly worse but it is easy
enough to crash one system with a single card.


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I was not considering the bandwidth limitations.  Obviously, you are
limited to the 11Mbit/sec. speed of the WiFi card.  I was thinking more
about how many simultaneous clients HostAP can handle itself.

Thanks again,
Thomas Cameron

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depending on what the client is doing....  if one client decides to
download some MP3 or stream some video... you are pretty much limited by

tom at wrote:
> Hello all,
>         This is my first post to this list, so I hope it isn't a topic

> that has been covered to death.  I am wondering what the maximum 
> number of clients a HostAP access point can handle would be.  In other

> words, how many WiFi clients can connect to my system?  Doesn anybody 
> have any specific experience with high numbers?  I'm thinking of the
> 50-100+ range.
> Thanks in advance,
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