Vic Berdin sndbeat
Wed Sep 3 23:14:18 PDT 2003

Hi everyone,

I've been doing some search regarding favorable
authentication methods for wireless networking, and
have stumbled upon these links (among others):


Both links states that there are client level
implementations that support Linux in the TTLS method,
and the latter link states that PEAP, likewise, has
support also. Can anyone give any insight, further
links, docs, howtos that points to Linux projects that
can speak PEAP and/or TTLS? I came across
Meetinghouse' AEGIS Server (and client) wares. Seems
enticing, but *NOT* free (15-day eval). I'm wondering
if there are other implementations currently in the
works, that's *FREE* (similar to FreeRADIUS), and
supports PEAP/TTLS.

TIA - Best regards, Vic

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