FAO list admin: busted list

Brad Davidson kiloman
Wed Sep 3 16:59:41 PDT 2003


The mail server is not accepting messages to the address listed in in 
the 'sender' and 'errors-to' address. I'd say your mail server's alias 
file is borked. Make sure all the mailman aliases are set up right.

The 'sender verify' he's talking about goes as follows:
1 : sender.com's  mail server connects to mail.rcpt.com
      to: user at rcpt.com
      from: user at sender.com
2 : mail.rcpt.com connects back to mail.sender.com, and goes through the 
motions of sending a message to user at sender.com
3a: If the RCPT TO: line is accepted by mail.sender.com, the sender is 
accepted as valid, and the message is accepted.
4b: If not, the message is rejected.

So the fact that your mail server is not accepting mail back to 
addresses it's sending for, is causing his mail server to not accept the 
mailing list messages.

*wipes brow*


Dustin Marquess wrote:
> The sender address is perfectly valid RFC-wise.  It's a standard VERP'd
> address so the mailing list can automatically handle addresses that
> bounce.
> It seems like the MTA at shmoo.com doesn't understand the address,
> however (at least if I'm reading the log below correctly).
> The next question is, however, why does it really matter? :).  If the
> address is bouncing mail, he has a bigger problem that being able to
> deliver the bounce :).
> -Dustin
> On Wed, 3 Sep 2003, Bruce Potter wrote:
>>Sorry.. Been away on labor day vacation (holiday in the US).
>>If others are having this problem, please contact me off list.
>>Gb, I am not familiar with the "sender verify" that is getting in your way.
>>We have multiple lists running in this same configuration have I have not
>>heard of any other problems.
>>Thanks much.
>>>From: gARetH baBB <hick.hostap at gink.org>
>>>Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 09:21:36 +0100 (BST)
>>>To: hostap at shmoo.com
>>>Subject: FAO list admin: busted list
>>>As gdead at shmoo doesn't seemed to have resolved the issue or responded in
>>>any shape or form, can someone in charge please fix the list.
>>>It is trying to deliver posts with an invalid sender (mail from) address,
>>>2003-09-03 07:46:28 H=(mail.iocaine.com) [] sender verify
>>>fail for <hostap-bounces+hick.hostap=gink.org at shmoo.com>: response to
>>>"RCPT TO:<hostap-bounces+hick.hostap=gink.org at shmoo.com>" from
>>>mail.shmoo.com [] was: 550
>>><hostap-bounces+hick.hostap=gink.org at shmoo.com>: User unknown in virtual
>>>alias table
>>>Those of you with some less form of sender verify will see this post,
>>>others won't ...
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