Linksys Firmware problem.

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Wed Sep 3 01:36:54 PDT 2003

> Since we know that firmware 1.4.2 is buggy (it's acknowledged in the
> release noted for 1.4.9),...

Okay, that makes it official. :-)

> > So, they sell El Cheapo No Brand cards with their name on in and they
> > construct a workaround on their CPU board that uses that card. Hmmm.
> > Maybe I'll once get so far to check that.. (There are several flash
> > updates for the AWL500 and these file are byte-swapped but appear
> > otherwise not compressed, so maybe part of it may be recognised somehow
> > as station firmware.)
> I've downloaded the image and there is word "Tertiary" in it.  It seems
> that the tertiary firmware is present in the image as an unencrypted
> binary.

For the curious, there is some info at, most of it
written in dutch. The Benq part however is in english. 
There is some explanation of the CPU board based on the S3C4510 (Samsung).
(The project to run linux on the AP does not make much progress, it seems.)

Regards, Wim.

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