FAO list admin: busted list

gARetH baBB hick.hostap
Wed Sep 3 01:21:36 PDT 2003

As gdead at shmoo doesn't seemed to have resolved the issue or responded in
any shape or form, can someone in charge please fix the list.

It is trying to deliver posts with an invalid sender (mail from) address,

2003-09-03 07:46:28 H=(mail.iocaine.com) [] sender verify
fail for <hostap-bounces+hick.hostap=gink.org at shmoo.com>: response to
"RCPT TO:<hostap-bounces+hick.hostap=gink.org at shmoo.com>" from
mail.shmoo.com [] was: 550
<hostap-bounces+hick.hostap=gink.org at shmoo.com>: User unknown in virtual
alias table

Those of you with some less form of sender verify will see this post,
others won't ...

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