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Kyle Rose krose+hostap
Tue Sep 2 09:58:00 PDT 2003

So, I have finally gotten some configuration of WEP key negotiation
working correctly with multiple clients:

 1 Netgear MA311 as HostAP
 2 Linksys WPC11 ver.3 as clients

hostapd is configured for broadcast WEP mode (good enough for what I'm
trying to do), and the clients are each using the hostap driver.  This
configuration works reasonably well: about 30% of the time, hostapd
refuses to contact the RADIUS server for some reason, but I can debug
that later.  The point is that negotiation seems to work most of the
time, and it occasionally renegotiates the WEP key, so I'm assuming
it's somewhat secure.

So, I still have two Orinoco Gold cards that refuse to talk with the
AP in broadcast WEP mode.  If I set them up with a fake key (e.g.,
01010101010101010101010101), then one of them will negotiate a WEP key
with the AP, until another client somewhere appears, whereupon neither
will be able to talk.  (I think I mentioned this in my last email.)
The two cards are at firmware revisions 7.52 and 8.10.

Any clues?  I'd rather not have to consider these cards incompatible
with my network.  I'm pretty sure it's an Orinoco problem because they
don't work in RADIUS WEP mode with a solid-state AP, either, but I
figured if anyone would have experience with this, those people would
be here.  I suppose I could complain to Agere, but it's unclear how
much of an effect that would have.


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