Linksys Firmware problem.

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Mon Sep 1 14:12:18 PDT 2003

> On Mon, 1 Sep 2003 wim at wrote:
> > It may be that 1.4.2 has a bug, but that bug can't be 'fatal for the Host
> > AP mode'.  I've got a BenQ AWL500 access point, build around an AWL100
> > PCMCIA card (prism2.5). The AP works nicely, although it's running on
> > STA 1.4.2.
> How do you know that there is no firmware loaded into the RAM?

I can't see that. But it's hard to believe that the manufacturer puts buggy
firmware into their cards, just to load better firmware when they actually
want to use it. If it were just a license problem, they wouldn't circumvent
that by silently use another version, although it's less visible that way.

> How do you know that the card operates in the HostAP mode?

Can the access point be an acces point by not being in access point mode?
Enlighten me.
So, they sell El Cheapo No Brand cards with their name on in and they
construct a workaround on their CPU board that uses that card. Hmmm.
Maybe I'll once get so far to check that.. (There are several flash updates
for the AWL500 and these file are byte-swapped but appear otherwise not
compressed, so maybe part of it may be recognised somehow as station

Regards, Wim.

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