Power levels / HostAP documentation

Jean Tourrilhes jt
Thu Oct 30 09:28:10 PST 2003

Leonardo Pereira Santos wrote :
> Than, looking at the iwlib.c file of wireless tools package, lines
> 950 to 986, it uses the stats from the driver to display the
> information about, among other things, the link quality:

	Note that the code you quote assume that the firmware and
driver did their job properly. There seems to be variation amongst
drivers and firmwares.

> One note here: with wireless extensions 16, iwspy is supposed to get
> stats using a standard ioctl call? I didn't try with hostap 0.1.1,
> but 0.0.4 I only got "not statistics to display".

	With WE-16, HostAP is providing the *real* iwspy
functionality, which is described in its man page. The old
hostap-iwspy functionality (listing all associated stations) is now
provided by "iwlist scan", and this should display dBm. Otherwise,
"iwconfig" will display the current stats, as usual.

> Should this work? I had to write a cgi to display the link
> statistics and the only way I found was to parse the /proc entry and
> use the signal and silence values as in the iw_print_stats function.

	Yep, this is why I created iwlib, so you can reuse those
bits. Suggestion welcomed.

> Another question is that the ap displays link quality like 26/92, while the 
> client show a link of 92/92 and they are 1 m apart. Does anyone has any clue 
> why this happens? And sometimes I get link qualities of 230/92, or other 
> greater and 92 values. This also happens with a we 15 kernel with hosatap 
> 0.0.3.

	See my first answer.

	Have fun...


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